Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Soprano Hope Foye with Guitarist Edwing Sankey

MusicUNTOLD presented screening of the Mexican film ANGELITOS NEGROS followed by live performance of title song by 91.5 year young Paul Robeson protege soprano...

Living Life In Mexico

Recital poster from one of many Hope Foye recitals in Mexico.


Best of Hope Foye Soundtrack CD

Hope Foye Soundtrack CD: Classic Recordings The first-ever CD recordings released of Hope Foye's legendary musical career that span two continents. Foye's voice leaves listeners wondering why...

Red Hope Blacklisting DVD

Red Hope? The Blacklisting of Hope Foye DVD This documentary DVD is about the life of Connecticut born progressive, Hope Foye, whose beautiful voice took her...

Music Credits

The Music of Hope Foye Songs By: Hope Foye Underscore By: John Swihart, Sonic Gravy (“Napoleon Dynamite”) Sound Design: Arlan Boll (AB Audio) Produced By: Constance L. Jackson


Pan African Film Festival

The mission of the Pan African Film Festival: To present and showcase the broad spectrum of Black creative works, particularly those that reinforce positive images...


Never before seen classic images of Hope Foye. Enjoy!

Official Press Release

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA A special screening of Red Hope? The Blacklisting of Hope Foye (Her Story, Her Songs) will be held Saturday, April 23,...
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