The Blacklisting of Hope Foye (Her Story, Her Songs) is about the life of Connecticut born progressive, Hope Foye, whose beautiful voice took her to New York’s Cafe Society. As a young singer, she caught the attention of Paul Robeson, Shirley Graham, and W.E. B. Dubois. Known as a Robesonite, Ms. Foye’s passport was taken away. With the Dubois’s help, along with a member of the Hollywood 10, Hope was encouraged to move to Mexico to realize her singing career. Hope’s career blossomed in Mexico, becoming the first African American TV host and concert singer. Hope describes herself as a “people’s artist.” Her singing career and advocacy lead her to Europe where she became a well regarded Soprano opera singer, living abroad for almost 25 years before returning to America to live out the balance of her life with her friends and family. This film takes the viewer on a journey of Ms. Foye’s past with the inclusion of present day concerts. Her remarkable voice and showmanship is a treasure to behold.

Constance L. Jackson, MPH, President/CEO is the writer, director and producer of all the films in Permanent Production's collection. Ms. Jackson earned a Master's degree in Public Health, specializing in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Ms. Jackson also has a Bachelor's degree in Speech Communication. The documentary films produced by Permanent Productions present cutting-edge issues that delve deeply into the underlying factors that make up the nuances of an individual and a country. She has the ability to tap into the essence of many unspoken issues immersing viewers into the story, allowing them to think and talk about their own behavior and experiences.